Making 5 figures a month by writing Kindle books – with Steve Scott (part 2)

Podcast Overview:

Sponsored by: http://www.PodcastProdigy.comIn Part 2 of this interview, Steve and I talk about how he makes 5 figures a month with Kindle books.We go over:– Is Kindle a sustainable business model?

– Can you still make money with Kindle?

– How do you market a book?

– What do you do to get started?

– What is Steve’s complete Kindle writing process?

…and a bit more. I ask Steve all kinds of juicy questions in this section.As always, please me know how you liked this episode by pinging me on

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Part 1 with Steve Scott – This is the first part of our interview, where Steve talks about how to break bad habits and bring in good ones.Steve’s habit books – You can get the full list here.Steve’s marketing books – The list is here.Income reports – This is a link to Steve’s last income report from July to September 2014KDP Select – A program Amazon has to help their authors sell more booksAudio Creation Exchange – Where you can get audiobooks of your content createdHabit Stacking – This book of Steve’s was downloaded 16,000 times in MayPretty Link – A wordpress plugin you can use to shorten your links and track to see how many people go through themSlideShare – One of the places Steve tried to attract readers77 Good Habits to Live a Better Life – The free report Steve gives to people who download his booksPat Flynn’s self publishing Facebook group – The group where Steve is a – All about Steve’s habits – You can find Steve’s publishing podcast here

Episode Transcript

Click here for a transcript of today’s episode.

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