Episode #100! I’m getting interviewed this time!

Episode #100! I’m getting interviewed this time!

This episode was sponsored by my new favorite tool, “Video Skins”, at http://rachelrofe.com/vs

Today marks the 100th episode of A Better Life Podcast. And to switch it up, I’ve invited one of my favorite people on the planet, Kit Murray Maloney of O’Actually, to interview me!

Kit did a great job and asked me some awesome questions. Some of the things we cover are:

– The intention behind A Better Life podcast and why it means so much to me

– How you can choose to find breakthroughs even when you feel powerless

– The importance of establishing boundaries when it comes to your time and generosity

– My two-step process for moving away from misery towards courage

– Why you don’t need to ‘save’ people in your life (and why it’s delusional to think you can)

…and a bit more about the power of asking for exactly what you need in the moment, no matter how indulgent it may seem.

This was a fun episode to record, and I’m so grateful for your listening and being a part of A Better Life.


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