Getting over fear of rejection – with Jia Jiang of 100 Days Of Rejection

In today’s show, I talk with Jia Jiang of “100 Days Of Rejection” – an experiment he created where, for 100 days, he aimed to get rejected in all kinds of wacky ways.We cover:– How seeking rejection out can actually desensitize you to pain– The process Jia went through, from scared and humiliated, to confident and holding his ground– The 2 ingredients you need to turn a ‘no’ into a ‘yes’ (Hint: One’s a key word and the other has to do with mindset)– How rejection is less about you and more about the other person; it really isn’t personal!– Why you need to vacate your comfort zone and elevate to the ‘possibility zone’…and a bit more about Jia’s proudest moments, including the time he met Bill Gates.


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