Getting out of a financial rut and creating a schedule that includes time for play – with Jordana Jaffe

Getting out of a financial rut and creating a schedule that includes time for play – with Jordana Jaffe

Podcast Overview:

In the first part of this episode, the amazing Jordana Jaffe covers how she got out of a financial rut and what to do when you “can’t afford” the things you want to buy.After that, we move into specific ways you can create a schedule that gives you tons of time for play and passion.This was a great episode that covered a lot. Enjoy!

Jordana’s Bio:

Jordana Jaffe, co-founder of Magical Business Academy, is not your run-of-the-mill business coach. She’s a business-savvy, affectionate and magically-centered creator of life-transforming business strategies that not only make your business sparkle, but also your overall life. Through inspiring + cozy retreats, Jordana and her co-founder and wife, Gena (pronounced Jenna), uplift female entrepreneurs into the spirit of centering on their passions, living out every dream they desire and transitioning their businesses into successes with ease. Through glitter, comfort, and undying support and belief, Jordana gives her clients what can only be described as the best & most magical support you’ll ever find.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Nisha Moodley – This is a podcast where I interviewed Nisha, who was Jordana and I’s coach and friendMagical Business Academy – Jordana’s siteJordana’s Facebook group – You can go there to learn more about her and her wife, Gena.

Episode Transcript

Click here for a transcript of today’s episode.

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