Becca Piastrelli on how dabbling with lots of things can bring you happiness.

Becca Piastrelli on how dabbling with lots of things can bring you happiness.

Podcast Overview:

In this interview, we talk to Becca Piastrelli about how having lots of passions can bring you a great happiness. Becca talks about how it’s OK to dabble – and how you don’t need to have some major end goal in everything you do. If you’ve been feeling like you don’t have much space for fun in your life, listen to this interview. It will show you why fun will make you even MORE productive.

Becca’s Bio:

Becca is the woman behind the The Dabblist. Her manifesto: To rid the taboo around the term, dabbler and instead to infuse it with a sense of alchemy and wonder. Why? Because she knows that when we bring an inquisitive heart to the process of creating with our own two hands, to get our hands dirty, share stories and creations with each other, we remember the ancient wisdom within.We can tap into what our great, great, great grandmothers once knew: That given the freedom to dabble, we can be the creators of our own joy. I asked Becca to be on our podcast today because I think she has a lot of wisdom to share with you. I know she’s been through a lot of life changes including leaving her stable six-figure job to work fulltime on her business. Her business highlights the message that it’s OK to play.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher (book)Live Free Retreat with Sarah Jenks and Nisha MoodleyDr. Peter Gray’s TED talk: The Decline Of Play And Rise Of Mental DisordersThe Slight Edge (book)The Power Of Habit (book)The Dabblist  (Becca’s site)

Episode Transcript

Click here to download a full transcript of today’s episode.

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